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Elise CARON :

Product designer.

Industrial designer.

Service designer.

Mechanical engineer.

Available in Lyon and Rhône Alpes region, France.

Also addicted to sports and travels.


I was born in an industrialized town and I have always been attracted by heavy machines and tools. But, as I started plastic arts quite young, I have always wanted to express myself graphically through my career. To balance my scientific and artistic skills, I graduated from the INSA lyon in 2010 and from ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris in 2014.

Being a Mechanical engineer as well as a designer allows me to work across diverse fields from industrial design to service design. Creative, enthusiastic, mature and endowed with multidisciplinary skills, I develop modern and attractive solutions thanks to digital and physical tools. Thanks to a user and context centered approach, I offer projects that will fit your budget and your ambitions.

I am currently looking for a position as a Designer in Rhône-Alps or Paris region. I particularly enjoy projects related to sports or focusing on modern social issues such as health, education or women rights.

My method is based on : sensibility, intuition, immersive research, analysis, user experience (UX), design thinking, innovation, business strategy, humility, modesty, pluridisciplinarity.

Elise Caron, Industrial Product and Service Designer, Lyon, France




2015 : AP-HP (Paris Hospitals) Awards for the most innovative project in the medical field. 

2015 : Working holiday visa year in Australia and New Zealand.

2014 : 3D modeling on SolidWorks for Olivier Gourbière, Artist and sculptor working in Lyon.

2013 : Service Designer on the project DYNAMOTUBE created for Le Grand Paris, with Cap Digital as a partner. Design of a service dedicated to media technologies and motion capture for movies in the Science and Human House on the Condorcet campus, in Seine saint Denis.

2012 : Product designer (intern) for eight month in London at design studio Klauser&Carpenter. Drawing, design, conception and mockups of products mostly for Brooks and JosephJoseph.

2011 : Product designer (intern) for five month within the CEA Grenoble. Work on BCI technology (Cf : NUKKUN). Work within the Vanier Camp to design a product dedicated to the camp in relation to energy consumption (Cf :  The bottle of sunshine).

2010 : Innovative project manager (intern) for seven months internship at SEB, Téfal, within the pressure cooker conception office in Selongey, head office in France. Engineering work on the project NUTRIDESSERT with Xavier Brignon, professional baker, as a partner. 






2014 : Graduated from ENSCI Les Ateliers, National School of Industrial Design in Paris, with the project THE CROSSING, in collaboration with the CECOS of Tenon's hospital, Paris.

2010 – 2014 : Studies as ENSCI Les Ateliers. Projects with business and industries such as Le Grand Paris, DevillBiss, JosephJoseph, Brooks, the CEA Grenoble and Schneider Electric. Projects directors : Laurent Massaloux, Christophe Chedal Anglay, François Azambourg, Matt Sindall, André Klauser, Ed Carpenter and Simon d’Hénin.

2010 : Graduated from INSA Lyon, National Institute of Applied Sciences as a Mechanics and Design Engineer with the project NUTRIDESSERT  for TEFAL.

2005 – 2010 : Five years at INSA Lyon where I studied mechanical design, 3D modeling on SolidWorks, thermodynamics, structure calculation and material strength. I also took part in a dedicated class of graphic arts where a full week day was reserved to learn painting, sculpting, black and white photography, architecture, design and the history of art. Main lecturer : Jean Marc Bonnard from University of Fine Arts in St Etienne. One year exchange in Tampere, Finland, in TTY Tampere University of Technology in 2008 - 2009.





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