Cake Stands

Internship at Klauser&Carpenter, London

JosephJospeh is a British company that designs cooking tools. One of their most famous products is the chopping board Chop2Pot.

During my internship at Klauser&Carpenter, we were asked to design a cake stand for cupcakes and muffins. This object is quite common in the UK and many homes have one for afternoon tea. But one of the issues of such a thing is the room it takes when not in use. To meet this need, we designed two proposals of collapsible cake stands.

The first one consists in three plates assembled together thanks to the middle handle. When collapsed, the handle is used to keep the plates in a minimum space thanks to a screw system. The second cake stand is an assembly of three plates using a system of clips like the one we can find on bag packs. The plates have a similar shape and can be slotted together like matriochkas when collapsed.