Cycling Cap

Internship at Klauser&Carpenter, London

Brooks is a British company that has been designing and producing high quality bike saddles for more than sixty years. André Klauser has been working with Brooks since 2010, particularly on urban bike bags. As an intern at Klauser&Carpenter, André and I designed two cap proposals that I modeled in 3D and then prototyped with diverse textiles.

The goal was to create a product for people cycling in cities, in a dense but slow traffic with pretty bad weather, like in London. Also, we wanted to match the high quality standard of the brand buy proposing a new shape and new materials for urban cyclists that would be totally different from the other bike accessories on the market.

Those caps were inspired by the old leather helmets from Tour de France. They are sporty but yet discrete. They have been designed to protect the face and the eyes of the cyclist from wind and rain. The visor covers the sides of the head and the fabric part can be tightened up thanks to rubber at the back of the head.