Schneider Electric
ENSCI Les Ateliers

Lala is a light package including a LED lamp and a battery made for users who can’t access the electricity easily like in India or Africa. This project had been designed once by Schneider engineers but it needed to be thought throught on a usage point of view. The directions were : quality of light, ability to be hooked anywhere and reduced cost.

Lala is a triangular and long lamp that diffuse the leds leght all around the living room. Its shape permits it to be attached pretty much anywhere thanks to ropes or nails and could also stay on the floor without risk. The battery can be associated with the lamp or stay alone. The plugs for other devices (battery and solar panels) are protected at the back side. Produced thanks to the plastic extrusion technique, this lamp is quite cheap and yet robust. This technology permits the design grooves to simply slide in the electronics, avoiding screws. The lamp and the battery are also very easy to disassemble and reassemble so that the users could clean and repair their devices themselves.  

Credits : Véronique Huyghe.