CEA Grenoble
ENSCI Les Ateliers - directed by Christophe Chedal Anglay

The brain computer interface technology consists in controlling electrical or mechanical devices thanks to Electroencephalogram signals taken from the skull with electrodes. The BCI is used nowadays mostly by disabled people to help them everyday. At the CEA in Grenoble, Manon d’Ercole and I used this technology to work on the topic of insomnia caused by anxiety. Thanks to the BCI, it is possible to visualize and lower brain activity related to stress. This is called Neurofeedback.

NUKKUN is a medical tool made of a headband and a touch object. The feedback of the stress is given through this object, placed in the user’s palm, massaging the hand according to the level of anxiety. The device doesn’t act directly on the brain. The user is the one who acts on his own stress by understanding and reacting to his physical feeling. Concentrating on the massage calms the user down after a couple of weeks of treatment.

A basic neurofeedback treatment lasts three months. NUKKUN has been designed as a medical service that can be prescribed by a doctor. It can be purchased or rented like some breathing machines used for sleep apnea for instance.