Master's thesis - INSA Lyon

SEB, also known as TEFAL abroad, is one of the most dynamic and successful companies in France. Specializing in cooking tools, it started its activity in the 60’s with the creation of a revolutionary pressure cooker.

In February 2010, SEB wished to create a new product dedicated to sweets in order to put a foot into a new market and be a competitor to yogurt machines while still proposing to cook other types of desserts.

For six months, the study and design of this product, initially called NUTRIDESSERT, was split in two. Yogurts are quite complicated because they require a precise chemistry process. I thus worked on my own in the kitchen and via the computer program ANSYS to make a proper temperature analysis. The other desserts have been studied by Xavier Brignon, professional baker from Besançon, and I.

NUTRIDESSERT is a pressure cooker made to cook desserts at the appropriate temperature to preserve vitamins and nutrients. According to the type of food, different cooking modes exist and a timer helps with respect to the different phases of baking.

With this product, we also proposed a set of dedicated tools that would fit perfectly: mini glass jars, baking tray and ramekins.

The product, now named NUTRICOOK DELICE, was launched on the market in 2013.