Spray B

ENSCI Les Ateliers - Directed by Matt Sindal

Devilbiss is a British company that has been producing industrial spray guns for more than sixty years. In 2012, they decided to redesign their products by rethinking the act of painting, keeping in mind the ergonomics, the efficiency, the cleaning and the business model.

Starting from pictures of hands lifted in the air, I drew this object to be adapted to the body and not the other way around. I was inspired by street art spray painting and I associated the tool (gun) with the tank in the same product. The body contains paint balloons that can be changed. This is to improve the weight repartition of the whole device and ease the wrist of the painter. The pressured air that goes through the tool to spray the paint is also used to empty the balloon, by pressing on it. Spray B is held in full hand and is turned on thanks to a long trigger that is also used to open the tool to change the balloons. The shape makes it easy to paint in diverse positions and it can stand up on the floor without risk if the painter is busy doing something else.

Spray B doesn’t look like a gun, on purpose, as painting is not linked to any sort of violence. This is to open the companies mind to other possibilities but also to other markets.

Credits : Véronique Huyghe