The Warebox

IPL plastics
Competition On The Go!

WareBox is a lunchbox designed for people who are moving fast, who don’t want to waist time and who carry their daily life in their backpack.
From a personal experience, I often realised that lunch boxes had issues with their lids and with their opening and closing system so I decided to
work along those lines.

The WareBox is a mix of different ideas.
- The triangular shape comes from the sandwich boxes that we can find worldwide in shops. This shape permits to have sandwiches but also small
individual portions. The angles and proportions make it also simple to handle.
- The elastic rubber is here to maintain the lid and the container together firmly.
- The sligth edge on one side of the lid permits to slip one finger between the box and the rubber for a quick opening. While eating, the lid goes
underneath the bottom and the elastic can be around the user’s wrist.

The colours and patterns are a reminder of the yellow jackets the warehouse workers wear, with bright colours and significant shapes. This box can be very easily injected and doesn’t need a lot of engineering to be produced. It is simple, robust and yet quite original.